Com Housing


ommunication Engineers Lanka (PVT) Ltd., has taken the initiative to divert its business portfolio to a new business venture of constructing buildings, houses and apartment complexes under the brand name of Com Housing. Our objective is to enlarge Com Housing into a premier regional real estate development and construction firm that will acquire land and build Eco friendly apartment complexes, and homes with the state of the art technology to enrich living standards of occupant families while maintaining sustainable growth and profitably.

The intention is to promote Eco concept under the brand name “Com Housing” which is expected to be a novelty in the Gampaha region as well in Sri Lanka. 

We are well equipped to deliver Eco housing solutions as we have the following structure.

    • Implementation of over 14,000 telecommunication projects over the past 16 years by the parent company, Communications Engineers (Lanka) Pvt Ltd., is considered to be one of our main strengths.
    • Under the roof of ISO certified and ICTAD registered parent company it would gain heavily on expertise and resources.
    • An experienced and innovative management team who possess expertise in engineering, project management, accounting and marketing is considered to be an advantage in a construction project of this nature.
    • The use of readily available assets vehicles, tools, office, stores, staff (admin, finance, engineering, Project Management) would enable us to synergise our resources effectively.
    • Marinating well established relationship and trust with banks are supporting factors for completing business objectives successfully.
    • Availability of experienced subcontractors for civil works and material suppliers with financing/credit facilities are considered to be advantages.

We have already completed a few medium scale projects, an office building, hostel, warehouse, three houses and an Eco house.

We have planned an 8 unit apartment building in Gampaha area and construction is expected to commence in the near future.