How It Works

A – You’ve installed solar panels on your house converting solar energy to generate DC (direct current) which fed into an inverter

BAn electrical converter called an inverter turns the DC (direct current) power coming from your solar panels into AC (alternating current) power, which matches the power that is currently being supplied from CEB/LECO

C – While you’re away, your house is creating energy but you’re not using it. That is, you are exporting energy to the grid.

 D – At night, when you have the lights and the TV blaring, your solar system is resting idle because the sun is no longer out. Here you are importing energy from CEB/LECO.

 E –The term “Net” means the net balance after the deduction of any energy outflows from metered energy inflows. In other words the difference in number of electricity units (kWh) generated by your system and the number of units consumed from the grid.  You pay only for the net balance.

 F – Under net metering, you receive credit in terms of units for (kWh) if the net balance is negative. That is the electricity generated by your system is higher than your consumption.  Credit units gained are allowed to carry forward to the next bill period.

Prices offered are all inclusive and No hidden charges
  • Cost of Inverter, Solar Panels, Electrical Circuit Breakers, Cable, connectors and accessories.
  • Site survey, design & dimensioning to obtain maximum solar harvest  
  • AC & DC Surge protectors
  • Anodized aluminum mounting structure
  • Individual grounding of panels and Grounding rod
  • Use of conduit for cable protection (plumbing conduit)
  • Comprehensive Insurance cover for all equipment for 5 Years (In addition to manufacturer’s warranty)
  • Charted Engineer Certification fee (CEB /LECO mandatory requirement)
  • CEB/LECO Connection fee